Name of ski resort Height of snow Type of snow Operation of ski resort  
Ski resort Rejdice 0 cm moist out of operation » detail

Rejdice in Izera Mountains

Rejdice is a ski resort situated on the border between Izera Mountains and Giant Mountains.

Brief history

The first written record appeared in 1577 (glassworks in Rejdice). Till 1848 Rejdice belonged to Semily manor, there was also wine distiller and brewery for 20 barrels.

Ski resorts in Rejdice

Modern ski resort

Lovers of skiing will find perfectly maintained cross-country ski trails and ski slopes that are covered by snow artificially in case of its lack. The length of downhill tracks is 950 m, they are suitable for beginners as well as advanced skiers with difficulty of blue and red ski slope.

Ski resorts in Rejdice

Kořenov – Rejdice ski resort has one chair lift with transport capacity 950 persons/hour, one ski lift of Poma type and one children’s ski lift for ski school. Complete care is secured by services of downhill as well as cross-country ski, ski rentals and ski schools.

There are several maintained circuits in the Rejdice surroundings for cross-country skiers, they are connected to Izera Mountains Cross-country Ski Trail (Jizerská magistrála). Snowpark in this small resort will surprise pleasantly and stands comparison with similar resorts in bigger Czech centres. There are 15 obstacles, ski jumps and rails available, including maintained U-ramp..

Rejdice offers both active and passive vacation with beautiful views of Izera Mountains, Giant Mountains and to the valley of beautiful Czech countryside.