Izera Mountains

Izera Mountains

Izera Mountains – our most northerly situated mountain range lies on the border between the Czech Republic and Poland. In the west it neighbours with the Lužice Mountains and on the east with the Giant Mountains. Izera Mountains acquired the name after the Izera River, which springs on the slope of the Smrk Mountain (1,124 meters above sea level) on the Czech side of the highest mountain in this range.

Natural treasures of Izera Mountains

Nature in the mountains is characterised with its original, in some areas preserved beech vegetation and later spruce forests, wetlands, peat bogs and peat lakes, granite boulders was proclaimed in 1968 a Protected Landscape Area (PLA Izera Mountains). It became acclaimed also for the major sources of drinking water for the subalpine region and cities Liberec and Jablonec nad Nisou.

Izera Mountains


Since 14th century the region started to be colonised permanently and textile industry, wood cutting and ore and stone mining gradually developed.

In the 17th century a number of glassworks and grinding plants was created and in the subsequent period the well-known glass jewellery production.

In the 19th century, with development of transport, starts the interest of tourists in this region and building of tourist chalets and observation towers.

Sport facilities

Izera Mountains

Nowadays Izera Mountains are known and very popular thanks to the avourable conditions for active relaxation. In summer, tourists can enjoy recreational walks or walks along the broad network of marked routes. Also cyclists will appreciate plenty of trails for trekking as well as mountain bikes. Those who prefer in-line skating will welcome the ideal asphalt roads with beautiful nature.

Izera Mountains

In winter, the worshippers of white tracks will enjoy trips on the large number of cross-country ski trails of which is perhaps best known Izera Mountains Ski Trail. You will find the cross-country paradise with approximately 70 km of cross-country tracks there.

Equally well known are ski areas that will satisfy beginners as well as demanding skiers – in SKIREGION.CZ for example in Rejdice and U Čápa ski resorts.

Tips for trips

Izera Mountains

Visits to major cities – such as Liberec – are very popular. Visitors can not miss Babylon entertainment centre with aquapark, amusement park and IQ park, or the oldest zoological and botanical garden or the North Bohemian Museum. In Jablonec nad Nisou you can visit the Museum of Glass and Jewellery. Worth mentioning is the national technical monument Tanvald – Kořenov rack track. Local observation towers have their own history and offer beautiful views from various corners of the Izera Mountains – e.g. Štěpánka, Kopanina, Špičák, Bramberk near Jablonec nad Nisou, Černá studnice, Královka, Nisanka etc.

Izera Mountains

Protected landscape area has many local nature reserves exceptional not only for their beauty, but also many rare plants and animals. Visit “Fir Mine” – a mosaic of forest vegetation with original spruce, beech and fir with the flowing Fir River with several waterfalls. In addition, there is Malá strana – transitional peat bog with many rare and protected fauna and flora species. It is located in Horní Maxov at the spring of Rovný river. Jizerky peat bog – several valley upland moors on the Small Izera Meadow with pine, juniper, both general and alpine, and Carpathian birch, surrounded by soaked pine groves. The only habitat of cross-leaved heath, peat flora, etc.

Beautiful nature and proximity to major cities enable people of all ages a great rest and recharging.