Rules and instructions of SKIREGION.CZ

Skiing rules

On ski slopes you can see:

  1. Enter and ski on ski slopes only on ski or snowboard.
  2. When skiing, behave in such way so that not to endanger yourself or another user or not to cause anyone harm or damage.
  3. Choose the diffi culty of ski slope according to your ability (blue, red, black ski slope).
  4. Adjust the speed of skiing to your abilities and possibilities, technical equipment, current physical fi tness and state of health, terrain and actual state of the running track, snow and wind conditions, visibility and density of operation on ski slope.
  5. Be cautious when driving at typical dangers, including: edges of downhill slopes, uneven terrain, trees, rutted terrain, variable or restricted snow height, information bars with indicators, maintenance of slopes, covering of slopes with technical snow and repair works. Do not unnecessarily stay on track, do not crowd.
  6. Do not enter or cross ski slope unless you make sure it is free.
  7. You can overtake other skiers from any side but always in sufficient distance. Overtaker is responsible for the safety of riding.
  8. Pay special attention in narrow places. Do not stop in such spots. If you fall down, leave the space immediately.
  9. Keep appropriate distance from dangerous places, specially marked with warning signs or barriers.
  10. If you encounter an injured person, you are obliged to provide fi rst aid and report the injury to the Mountain Service. Telephone contact to the Mountain Service in Rokytnice n. J. is (+420) 481 523 781, (+420) 606 157 931, (+420) 606 157 932, in Harrachov (+420) 481 529 449, (+420) 602 448 334, in Paseky n. J., in Příchovice and Rejdice (+420) 724 251 881, (+420) 483 380 073.
  11. It is forbidden to ride off track on ski-lift – risk of falling of the cable haul line and of serious injury.
  12. Any adjustments on ski slopes (jump, gate etc.) are forbidden.
  13. From 16:30 to 8:00 of the following day the entry to ski slopes is FORBIDDEN – the slopes are maintained during this period. Risk of injury!!! (with the exception of ski slopes for the evening skiing).
  14. Skiing outside of ski slopes is strictly forbidden and will be considered a serious violation of transport regulations which is subject to penalty in the form of fi ne or exclusion from transport (blocking of ticket).
  15. Protect nature of the Giant Mountains, respect marking of ski tracks, signalling on ski tracks and instructions of workers authorised for surveillance on the tracks (employees of operator, Skipatrol, Mountain Service, KRNAP).

Instructions of operators of chair-lifts and ski-lifts in SKIREGION.CZ

  1. During entry, transport and exit, the passengers are obliged to behave in such way so that not to endanger their own safety and safety of other passengers.
  2. By purchasing a ticket and using the right for transport the passenger undertakes to respect contractual transport conditions, instructions for passengers, instructions of transport facility and instructions in the form of signs (pictograms).
  3. Passenger is obliged to present the ticket for control on request to workers of transport facility.
  4. Compensation for unused fare is provided in case the capacity of transport facility decreases by more than 50% for longer than 1.5 hours. There is no compensation provided for lost tickets and in case of worsening climatic conditions.
  5. Every user entering skiing tracks moves there at his/her own risk and must behave in such way so that not to endanger himself/herself or another user and not to cause any damage. Doing so he/she must respect the rules of safe movement on ski tracks.
  6. It is forbidden to enter and ride to ski tracks during mechanical maintenance of track and outside specified operating hours.
  7. Binding rules, instructions and conditions for using transport facilities and ski tracks are published on ticket offi ces and available at operators. Operator reserves the right to exclude from transport participants who do not observe them, especially in case of riding outside the marked ski tracks.
  8. Every transported person must have a valid ticket.
  9. Child ticket is for children 4 to 13 years old. As youth are considered persons 14 to 17 years old.
  10. Information on discounted tickets is available in ticket offices. Passengers must present respective document when purchasing a discounted ticket in the ticket office.
  11. Ticket offices are open fi fteen minutes before the beginning till the end of operating hours, selected marked ticket offi ces 30 minutes after termination of operating hours of ski-lifts and chair-lifts.
  12. Tickets are not transferable.
  13. Points missing to the number of points needed for dispatch are automatically deducted from the following point-based ticket. The turnstile does not allow passing with insufficient number of points – keep track of the number of points. Validity of point-based ticket is one season.
  14. Multiple-day or point tickets are issued by ticket offices (Spartak Rokytnice, Horní Domky, Studenov, Modrá Hvězda and Rejdice) only in the form of a chip card. The card is issued against a deposit of 100 CZK. The deposit is paid back after the return of the undamaged and functional chip card in all ticket offi ces connected to the system of common ticket.
  15. Chip cards are „contactless” – they are not inserted into a scanning device during passage. We recommend to keep the cards separately in a pocket on the left side.
  16. Do not keep chip or magnetic cards near the source of magnetic fi eld (e.g. mobile phone), do not expose the card to excessive heat.
  17. All season tickets must have a photograph of the ticket holder and are not transferable.
  18. Possibility of advance booking of tickets.
  19. Use the possibility of advance-sale of day and pointbased tickets.
  20. In case of violation of transport and business conditions, the operator is entitled to exclude the ticket holder from transport or penalize him/her up to 500 CZK.
  21. In case of violation of transport and business conditions the operator is entitled to exclude the ticket owner from transport.
  22. It is not recommended to visitors with implanted cardiostimulator to stay long near the turnstiles – sphere of infl uence of electromagnetic fi eld.
  23. Use of snow and terrain vehicles in the ski resort by subject other than operator of the ski resort is allowed only with previous approval of the operator of the ski resort.